Make a New Year’s Resolution to Visit Our Medical Office

Posted on: December 16, 2017

Make a New Year’s resolution to visit our medical office in January 2018 so that you can improve your health and remain healthy. This way, you can start the year off right. Improving one’s health is absolutely critical for living a full life that is long-lasting and enjoyable. Poor health can cause serious problems and make it difficult to do things with family, enjoy vacations, succeed at work or even to be happy. The best way to promote good health is to visit a doctor at least once a year.

Health matters

Anyone who has suffered from persistent illness can attest to the fact that being healthy is literally one of the greatest gifts. Health matters and it impacts every aspect of life. When someone is unhealthy, it makes it difficult to do pretty much anything without restraint. In other words, as one’s health deteriorates, it suddenly becomes necessary to think about their health all the time. It is influential and can impact the decisions a person makes on a daily basis. Given how important good health is to having a high quality life, it is important for everyone to be proactive in staying healthy.

Visiting the doctor can help to promote good health because it makes it possible to identify any health problems, treat them and prevent others.

What we do during annual checkups

When patients visit our medical office for an annual checkup, we are going to complete several basic tests and gather information. For example we may do the following:

  • Weigh a patient. Monitoring a person’s weight gain or loss helps provide information about their current and future health, plus if someone is overweight, we can make suggestions to help them get to a healthy weight.
  • Check blood pressure. We need to check a patient’s blood pressure because high blood pressure can be a sign of stress and anxiety, plus it can contribute to heart disease.
  • Blood test. In our medical office, we will sometimes recommend running a blood test since we can use that information to understand if the patient is suffering from issues like diabetes, heart problems or a variety of other conditions.
  • Listen to a person’s heartbeat. We will listen to a heartbeat to see if we hear any abnormalities.
  • Listen to the lungs. This also lets us watch for anything of concern.

There are additional tests that may be run from time to time. For example, a stress test may be conducted if there are concerns about the heart. Additional bloodwork may be necessary if trying to diagnose diabetes. We may also recommend things like a colonoscopy or mammogram once our patients reach a certain age. These various test are not completed every time but they do allow us to gain additional information when they are. What we are looking for are signs of disease so that we can catch and treat them early on.

Medication review

It is also important to visit our office and review any medications being taken on an annual basis. There are new medications coming on the market all the time and some of them may be better than what is currently being taken. If so, a patient may want to switch. Otherwise, this will allow us to at least be aware of various medications and to make adjustments if the patient complains of side effects.

Treating problems early

Ultimately, the best way to have good health is to make healthy choices, eat a good diet, exercise regularly and visit the doctor annually. Then, if health problems develop, it is necessary to take the appropriate medications to help reduce the symptoms and prevent them from becoming worse. We can make these recommendations in our medical office and by managing the patient’s ongoing care, we can ensure that our patients have a high quality of life.

Call us today

We recommend calling our medical office and scheduling an appointment for the beginning of 2018. Then, we can help you to improve your health.