Live a Long and Healthy Life with Help from Preventive Medicine

Posted on: February 16, 2018

We provide patients with preventive medicine in order to help them live a healthy and rich life. The ability to have good health is something that is so basic to our very existence. When a person's health is less than optimal, it can make it difficult to engage in normal activities, be productive at work or even to spend time with family and friends.

We understand the full impact that a person's health can have on their entire life and this is why we work so diligently to help our patients be as healthy as possible.

Preventive medicine for the long-term

It is also important to note that regular preventive medicine can be incredibly important for extending a person's lifespan and their quality of life. People in poor health tend to die at an earlier age and even those who live a long life, may do so with restrictions caused by health problems. Those who wish to enjoy living life for a long time, must pay attention to their overall health and see a physician on a regular basis in order to extend their longevity but also how long they are able to live a full and active lifestyle.

Preventive care can also prevent disease

No one wishes to suffer from things like heart disease. However, failing to see a doctor on a regular basis increases the likelihood that this will become a reality. Regular medical care can identify some of the early signs of things like heart disease, treat them and make it likely that a patient will be able to avoid being diagnosed with conditions that could have been prevented. If a person is diagnosed with the disease, it makes it possible to begin treating it right away, before it worsens.

Insurance may cover it

In many cases, preventive exams and preventive care are covered by insurance 100%. This is because the insurance companies know how effective these appointments are at preventing more extreme health problems.

What is included in preventive care appointments

Ultimately, this is going to be influenced by the exact needs that a patient has at that moment. However, a general wellness visit is likely to include:

  • Blood pressure testing
  • Overall physical exam
  • Checking weight
  • Screenings, as necessary
  • Bloodwork, as necessary

During this appointment, a physician is also going to spend time speaking with patients about any concerns they have and discussing health challenges. This allows for a physician to determine if any further testing is necessary or if the patient needs to receive other treatments in order to address their health concerns.

Discuss nutrition

Use these appointments to discuss lifestyle choices like diet and nutrition. Sometimes, common health problems can be caused by a lack of a healthy diet, exercise or even sleep. Likewise, a person's health can be improved by doing the right things. A physician can help to create a plan for making these important lifestyle changes.

Visit our office for preventive medicine

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